Rob Candy

R o b   C a n d y

Weathered Coastline

I am a lover of landscapes and places, being passionate to record them in watercolour — not only the stunningly beautiful, as in the case of Sydney Harbour, but also the ordinary, such as an urban lane or old farm shed. Painting exclusively in watercolour, I enjoy the challenge of laying transparent watercolour washes on rough paper and allowing the medium to dictate the outcome. I use watercolour due to its portability, allowing me to paint in situ.

Rob Candy began painting watercolours at Ku-ring-gai Arts Centre during the 1980s with Owen Thompson and at the Royal Art Society of New South Wales with Frederic Bates OAM. He has a degree in Geography, which informs his analysis of, and appreciation for, the landscape.

Since 2005, Candy has taught watercolour painting at Ku-ring-gai Art Centre in Sydney and he conducts watercolour workshops throughout Australia. A passionate traveller, he has led, both as a guide and tutor, numerous watercolour tours to such places as the Silk Road in China, the high plateau of Tibet, Turkey, the Balkans, Vietnam, Cambodia and India. His visit to Normandy culminated in a solo exhibition with the theme of the fishermen of Honfleur, France.

Candy has been a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute since 2005 and served as AWI Treasurer from 2009 until 2012. He is also President of the Watercolour Society of Victoria and an Associate Member of the Royal Art Society of NSW and the Victorian Artist Society.

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