Leah Bullen

L e a h   B u l l e n

The New World (Zingiberales)

Thematically, my practice explores sites that recreate the natural world such as aquariums, botanical glasshouses and habitat dioramas. I explore how these sites act as a ‘theatre of the real,’ where the viewer experiences nature as an approximation. These locations can be seen to echo the visual and conceptual tropes of representational painting, which reimagines the world through illusion; as well as functioning in optically and conceptually similar ways to the world of images, through shared notions of virtuality.

Leah Bullen completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Honours (2005) and a Doctor of Philosophy (2019) at the School of Art & Design at the Australian National University in Canberra. She worked as a sessional lecturer at the School of Art & Design between 2007 and 2014 in the Foundation and Painting Workshops.

Throughout her studies, Bullen has exhibited regularly, both locally and nationally. Her work is represented in the collections of the ACT Legislative Assembly, New England Regional Art Museum, Australian National University Acquisition and Loan Collection, Charles Sturt University Art Collection, The University of New England Art Collection and many private collections.

She has been a finalist in numerous art prizes, including the Splash: McClelland Watercolour Prize (2018), the Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize (2017), the Wynne Prize (2016) and the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award (2015, 2017). She was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship (2012), the Jasco Studio Scholarship (2016) and the Art Gallery of New South Wales Trustees’ Watercolour Prize (2016).

A member of the Australian Watercolour Institute since 2017, Leah Bullen currently lives and works in Armidale, NSW.


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