Kate Briscoe

K a t e   B r i s c o e


Particular landscapes, those where the geology is exposed, inspire me. I don’t see landscape as a set of ‘views’ or panoramas. I look for rock formations, structures, colours and textures. I abstract from what I observe, focussing on detail.

I draw and photograph on site in The Kimberley in Western Australia or other landscapes where the geological features are visible. I then bring research back to the studio in Sydney to make the works. I use mixed media, fine sand, pigments and acrylic medium when working on canvas. With watercolour and works on paper I use textured papers and often collage or mixed media. This gives works a physicality relevant to a particular landscape.

I focus on splits in the rock strata that allow stains from oxides to intrude and give the rock face intense colours, and textures on the rock face that show where weathering has created pitted and crumbling surfaces.

Born in the UK, Briscoe trained at Portsmouth and Leicester Schools of Art, subsequently obtaining a Master of Fine Arts degree from the College of Advanced Education (COFA), University of New South Wales, in 1991.

Briscoe relocated to Australia in 1968 and was employed at The National Art School as a full-time lecturer, establishing the photographic department there in 1969. She left full time teaching in 1977 and taught part-time at City Art Institute and COFA, Sydney, becoming a member of the board of City Art Institute and The Contemporary Art Society for some years.

She has held 45 solo exhibitions in Australia, the UK and Korea. Her work has also been exhibited at international art fairs, including Melbourne, KIAF (Korea), Sydney Contemporary and Central Hong Kong. Moreover, she has been a finalist in numerous art competitions, among which are the Blake, Wynne and Fleurieu Prizes.

Briscoe has undertaken numerous private and corporate commissions in the UK, Korea and Australia, including the recently built Westin Hotel in Perth.

Briscoe’s work is represented in major public collections in Australia, including Parliament House, Canberra; Parliament House, NSW; Newcastle Regional Gallery and The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.

Kate Briscoe was elected a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute in 2016.


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