Donald Fogg

D o n a l d   F o g g

Brown Spotted Wrasse

I cannot remember a time when I didn’t draw. I recall persistently asking my dad what I should draw and his reply was always: ‘Draw me a fiver out of the bank!’ My schoolbooks were illuminated with ships, steam locomotives, aircraft, people — in fact, anything to transport me from the classroom (though, ironically, I became a teacher).

A childhood in Liverpool (UK) during the 1950s and 60s wandering the docks sealed my fate as an artist and musician. I draw avidly (a sketchbook is never far away) and try to encourage those around me to do so. The subject matter of my work is not restricted, although the marine influence of my home town keeps recurring and, therefore, landscape and marine subjects predominate. I use the immediacy of watercolour, gouache, ink and acrylic to enable me to visually engage with the world on many levels.

After leaving school and a period of work as a clerk, Donald Fogg attended Liverpool Regional College of Art and trained in Graphic Design and Illustration from 1967 to 1969. From 1969 to 1972, he completed the Society of Industrial Artists’ (now Society of Illustrators and Designers) Specialist Designers’ course at the Harris College, Preston, Lancashire. After a period of freelance illustration and work with children, he became a Secondary School teacher majoring in Visual Art and taught in Liverpool and North Wales. Fogg and family emigrated to the Adelaide Hills in 1983, where he still lives, having retired in 2022 after 47 years in education.

Concomitant with his teaching activities, Fogg has been able to forge his way in the visual art scene. He managed to continue illustrating and also enter exhibitions such as Victor Harbor and the Hans Heysen Streetscape competition in Hahndorf, which he won twice. He has been a finalist in the Royal Australian Air Force Heritage Art Competition (with two of his paintings in 2014) and was a member of the Australian Society of Aviation Artists until its demise. He has been a member of the Australian Society of Marine Artists since 2018 and is currently South Australian Vice President.

His work is represented in numerous private collections.

Recently, Fogg has been working on visual studies of the Finniss River (Kundopari) wetlands, adjacent to the Lower Murray, and also the Coorong National Park, painting, drawing and photographing from a kayak. He is also an accomplished guitarist.

Donald Fogg was elected a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute in 2023.

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