Daniel Pata

D a n i e l   P a t a

The Needle, Etretat, France

The primary focus of my work is the landscape both in Australia and Europe, particularly France, which I regard as a second home. I respond to the differences of light, shade and colour giving distinction to various places. Added compositional factors create an alignment with abstract qualities that interest me. I work with various media and particularly enjoy finely observed pencil drawings, studio oils and works that utilise watercolour to most effectively capture the mood I wish to express.

Daniel Pataʼs first studies in art took place in the early 1970s at the Julian Ashton Art School, subsequently leading to full time study at the National Art School (then known as East Sydney Technical College). He later engaged in studies at the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, where he completed a Post-graduate Diploma followed by a Master of Fine Arts. This study involved two years researching various aspects of Cézanneʼs pictorial elements in painting.

Pata is primarily a figurative landscape painter. His subjects explore the extremes of landscape, ranging from coastal environments to arid regions of the outback. Favourite locations in France include Etretat, where many well known French artists found inspiration in the precipitous cliffs, and Collioure, where Fauvism was conceived by Matisse and Derain. Desert regions of Australia such as Mutawinjti and Flinders Ranges present a striking contrast within the artistʼs imagery.

He has travelled extensively overseas, predominantly in France, including extended periods residing in Paris. Studying the work of the School of Paris, in particular, has had a significant influence on the nature of his work. This deep interest in France began with a residency at the Moya Dyring studio at the Cité Internationale des Arts, which was then extended to a studio in Montmartre, granted by the ʻVille de Parisʼ – a period of 6 months. This cemented a profound relationship with Paris for him and his late wife Anne, also a painter. Their frequent travels around France constitute a rich source of material involving both urban and rural subject matter. Much of Pataʼs work is painted directly from the subject, en plein air.

He has exhibited widely in Australia, Asia, France and the UK. A particular highlight was a travelling solo exhibition in France, 2004, entitled Echo de Lumière, featuring works of both French and Australian subjects.
His work has been exhibited in group shows in Australia and internationally.
Venues include London, Truro (Royal Cornwall Museum), Edinburgh, Shanghai (Shanghai Painting Institute), Watercolour Biennales of Busan, Korea and Mexico to most recently Traditions and Transformation Taiwan-Australia Watercolour Exhibition.

Pata is represented in corporate, public and private collections in Australia, France, the UK, China, Greece, Italy and the USA. Public collections include St. Peters College, Oxford University, Jinan province, Shanghai and the National Gallery, Canberra.

He has lectured at most Sydney art institutes and currently lectures at the National Art School.

Daniel Pata has been a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute since 2004, serving previously as Vice President. He is currently an AWI Executive Committee member.


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