Ron Stannard

R o n   S t a n n a r d

The High Country Mount Hotham

My whole painting life has been driven by a need to develop a sincere appreciation of, and sensitive approach to, each subject. I like to paint what I see with, hopefully, a large amount of feeling – importantly, always painting for myself.

Sketchbooks have been an essential part of my life and work, holding thoughts, plans and, in some cases, ideas for future consideration. Thinking through each subject before starting is a process crucial for me in my approach to watercolour. I like to continue to educate myself in the process of seeing and painting, treating every work as an entirely new experience. Always a student, I looking to more successes than failures as the years pass.

After leaving school in 1949, Ron Stannard worked in advertising, studying part time at the National Art School from 1951 to 1954 until undertaking three years of National Service. In all, he has over fifty years experience in Graphic Design, as an Art Director and, in later years, freelancing in design and illustration.

For over twenty years, he taught watercolour and oil painting at the Royal Art Society of New South Wales, holding the position of Director of the Royal Art Society Art School between 1996 and 2004.

He has participated in Australian Watercolour Institute exhibitions in Canada, Mexico and Taiwan. He was a finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 1988 (when his work was commended) and 1992. Among his awards are the Royal Art Society Will Ashton Medal (1989); the Southern Highlands Portrait Prize (2001, 2002 and 2003) and the Royal Motor Yacht Club Marine Art Prize (2009).

Stannard has been Editorial Consultant for Australian Artist magazine, writing and illustrating articles, including ‘The Techniques of Painting in Oils’(1990- 91), and ‘Stop Struggling and Start Painting’ (1996). He currently lives in Bowral, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Ron Stannard has been a Member of the Australian Watercolour Institute since 1988, a Member of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales from 1969 (elected Fellow in 1983 and Honorary Member in 2001) and a Member of the Australian Society of Marine Artists from 2005 (elected Fellow in 2009). He served as Royal Art Society Vice President 1984-86 and 1989-91, President 1992-96 and Senior Vice President 2001-2004.

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