Anne Edmonds

D r  A n n e  E d m o n d s


In my art practice I engage with the ‘look of light’ itself. I consider light to be the most mysterious, indefinable element in nature. Although the complexity of light itself defies representation, there are poetic moments of privilege, where ‘seeing’ the cosmic energy of light always invites a visual response.

As an expression of the poetry of light, I use optics concepts of reflection, refraction and diffraction to create a multifaceted interpretation of seeing the landscape. Then, I ‘play’ with the overlapping shapes to engage with the interconnectedness of our relationship to light in the landscape. The layered forms give the effect of transparency and seamlessly bind all the individual features in the landscape.

Born in the Hunter Valley, Anne studied Education, Media, in Adelaide and art at the National Art School in Newcastle. Her career unfolded with teaching in colleges at Maitland and, from 1967 to 1970, she hosted an educational programme for children on NBN Channel 3 in Newcastle. Maintaining her passion for art, she liaised with the Government Inquiry into the Arts in the Hunter Valley in establishing the Maitland Young Peoples’ Art Workshop. She also initiated a successful campaign to establish Brough House as the first Art Gallery in Maitland.

An opportunity arose in 1995 to immerse herself in visual arts at the University of Western Sydney, the life of a student replacing years of teaching in Sydney. In 2001, she received the Australian Postgraduate Award, making research possible for her Thesis, Light as Surface and Intensity. This research took her to major galleries, including the Tate Galleries, the Louvre, the Pompidou Centre, Germäldiegalerie, Berlin, and the Palazzo degli Uffizi. Her post-doctoral research of light optics, forms and concepts was undertaken with physicists at Macquarie University.

Her solo exhibitions include Light as Surface and Intensity (Mary Place Gallery, Paddington 2004); Poiesis (Sara Roney Gallery, Paddington, 2008); Reflected Light Threshold, (Chifley Plaza, Sydney, 2013) and Light Echo, (Depot Gallery, Waterloo 2012).

Group exhibitions include Splash Contemporary Watercolour Exhibition

(Mc Clellend Gallery, Langwarrin Victoria 2018); Drawing Collection, (Regional Gallery, Orange 2015); Kedumba Drawing, (Kedumba Gallery, Wentworth Falls, 2015); Sydney Fringe, (Artsite Gallery, Camperdown 2014); Dobell Drawing Prize, (Art Gallery NSW, Sydney, 2009, 2010); No Right Turn, (Regional Gallery and Lewers Bequest, Penrith 2010); Oncology on Canvas, (Royal College of Arts Academy, London 2017); New Constellations (Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney, 2005).

Edmonds has melded concepts of light from the disciplines of art, physics and philosophy. She applies art to interpret the visible world, physics to chart its unseen workings and philosophy to explore the ‘inner significance’ of light in nature.

Her work is held in private collections in Australia and abroad.

Dr Anne Edmonds was elected a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute in 2015. Her practice is in North Rocks, Sydney.

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