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Mayor of Kogarah, Councillor Nickolas Varvaris, and David van Nunen

David van Nunen was awarded the $8000 inaugural City of Kogarah Art Prize 2012 for his painting, Trees, Berry Island.

The Mayor of Kogarah, Councillor Nickolas Varvaris, presented the award at the opening of the Kogarah Art Prize Exhibition on Wednesday, 27 June.

The judge of the Kogarah Art prize was Barry Pearce, Emeritus Senior Curator of Australian Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, whose comments about the winning painting were read during the award presentation. Mr. Pearce said:

David van Nunen's work, Trees, Berry Island, is an heir to those people like Maurice de Vlaminck and Andre Derain who followed the example of Gauguin and the Post-Impressionists. It is post-impressionist in style but is very appropriate to our modern way of looking at the landscape.

It is not purely optical; it is also making a wonderful design, vibrant with colour, and has a certain emotional component to it. It is not just purely looking at the landscape as a camera would see it, or even like an Impressionist would see it.

There is a lovely emotive kind of rhythm running through the way he's varied the trees, changing from pink to yellow in the trunks. You get this quivering sense of light running through the bush and reflections on rocks and grass. You can even see it as a lovely, delicate, elegant abstract painting and, at the same time, it is a landscape.

It satisfies; it is the perfect acquisition to have, to hang on your wall and give you pleasure every time you look at it. It doesn't shout at you; it sings to you.

I am really thrilled that it was here and it just presented itself as the winner.